On the Run

The roots of Waldo’s story were first planted in late fall during an early morning run. One of my longtime friends and running buddies mentioned casually that her family wanted a turkey from a local farm for Thanksgiving. I was pretty sure she wasn’t too excited about this prospect so no more was said until the run a couple days before Thanksgiving. The family had indeed gone to a local farm and picked out a turkey. However, unbeknownst to my friend or her family, the turkey’s wings had not been clipped. When the family let the turkey out to walk around the backyard before, well, you know, that was it. The next thing they knew, the turkey was up in the tree.

Despite all attempts to lure him down, the turkey (quite smartly) refused. Over the next few runs, we were entertained with the continuing saga of the family’s unsuccessful attempts to capture the wayward gobbler. They eventually gave-up. I have to say, I gave a silent cheer for the turkey. I think he earned his reprieve. I know my friend did too!

Waldo Was Born

But a suburban neighborhood is really no place for even a smart turkey like “Waldo”. After he was safely relocated (with my friend’s help) to a refuge farm where he could live out his life naturally, I thought he needed his own story.

The real Waldo escaped his fate by being daring and contrary, so should our hero. A small soul wishing for something bigger. A dreamer. But wishes are tricky and unpredictable things. They don’t always turn out as expected. They can also be quite humbling.

But if our Waldo can find the courage to persist, and learn to value the friendship and kindness of others who help him on his journey, he just might get the best wish of all. The one that takes him Home.

You can find Waldo’s story on Amazon. Profits will benefit local animal welfare organizations.




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