In this article (as well as an earlier one here) , Professor Marissa Harrison, Pennsylvania State University, provides a provocative look at the latest research on an often overlooked group: Female Serial Killers (FSKs). There are differences between male and female serial killers according to the research. FSKs tend to”gather” and kill those close to them generally for money. Male Serial Killers (MSKs), however, tend to “hunt” and kill strangers, primarily for sexual motives. One hypothesis for this, grounded in social and psychological evolutionary theory, is that since females were traditionally gatherers, they were more inwardly focused on family and clan. Males, as the traditional hunters, were more outwardly focused, stalking prey and repulsing invaders. Apparently, the Mars/Venus thing even applies to criminality!

If you are interested, here is just one of many lists out there on FSKs.



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