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Illustration of three cheerful bakers, two women and one man, surrounded by cookies, with text "killer recipes pastry forward" on a bright, colorful background.

Springtime And “THE” Cookies: If You Can’t Resist, Then Be Prepared!

Too many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies this year? Be a Good Scout and improvise! Try these ‘Nutterchip Marshmallow bars with marshmallow, peanut butter, chocolate- chips, and crumbled Tagalongs. They’re so good, I’m not even sure they’re street legal!

Colorful graphic celebrating april fool's day with whimsical illustrations of a calendar marked april 1 and a whoopee cushion, set against a dark, textured background with "loose ends" text.

An (April) Fool’s Errand: Trying Not To Get Fooled

No matter how I always promise myself I won’t be caught again, somehow the hubs always gets me.

Image of a legal document with a green paperclip on a judge's gavel, next to handcuffs, with the words "legal briefs" in a stylized font.

Legal Briefs: Summing-Up The Totality Of Circumstances In Use Of Force Investigations

Review Use of Force Cases like an Investigator: gather all the facts, consider the circumstances, ask the right questions, and apply the current law.